Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

Tag, I'm it...

1. Family & Friends I have the most loving, caring, outgoing, supportive family and friends ever. I love them more than they will ever know.
2. Writing. I went to school for it. I use it daily at work, and luckily its also a hobby.
3. Finding new interests.

1. Failing.
2. Being in another car accident. (Was in a horrific accident last December and broke my neck...still recovering.)
3. I fear I will never get over my uncertainty on certain things.

1. Have a family.
2. Get my Masters Degree
3. Become an investigative journalist.

1. The internet (ie: facebook, blogger, postsecret)
2. New home Furnishings
3. Sales

1. I can stand on my head for hours...although most of you already know this...
2. I haven't watched television in my home for almost 3 months. I know, crazy right? So You Think You Can Dance is on and I'm not a part of it? It's just a phase...I'm sure I'll watch them on the internet sooner or later.
3. I'm vegetarian. Yep, that's right...even though I love a good steak...being vegetarian is good for my health.

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