Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Nice Surprise on an Awful Day

Recently I'd had a bad day. A bad day, with a bunch of bad news. It happened to be the same day as my five year class reunion. I'd already RSVP'd and had to go. So I put on my best game face and went. I thought it might be good to just get out of the house and meet up with old friends and chat with current ones. Turns out, in all actuality going made me more sad. Now, I don't mean to sound pessimistic. But seeing everyone happily married with their cute little kids running around probably wasn't the best thing to cheer a... well... newly divorced me up. I'd had it with having an awful day. I wanted to get home to my cute little (and yes it is little) loft and sleep. note: sleep is a wonderful prescription for an upset Natasia. So, I pulled up to my house and found a cute boy waiting for me with pizza, movies and these beautiful orchids. How did he know orchids were one of my favorite flowers? Good guesser! How sweet. Even better, they are still blooming and even more pretty now. Every time I see them they put a smile on my face. What a change he made in my persona, and what a nice surprise to an ending of an awful day.

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