Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What is it about....

Rainy Days
I love rainy days. It's on those days I wish I didn't work inside all day. I wish I could at least sit by the window and listen to it-it's like music to me-odd I know, right? But it is! I love it. And I love thunderstorms. That's about the one and only thing nice about having a huge window right next to my bed-I get to see the lightning and hear the rolling thunder even better. I love curling up in a blanket and sipping on hot tea on those days. Rainy days are a magical thing.

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Anonymous said...

You are a magical thing!! Get off your pitty party party wa wa nobody cares about your bad days. Get a life and quit bitching about everything. Oh by the way they wouldnt look good with a good skirt. Maybe some day when your not such a high maintnance, materialistic, stuck up snob, you will learn to have fun and be really happy. If you havent realized shoes, clothes, money, your daddys bmw, don't bring happiness. All it took is reading this to see why your ex husband is your ex. Enjoy your cup of tea!!!