Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Envious...

I'm clearly envious of all ya'll who have the option of choosing between taking a bath or taking a shower. Because I myself, don't have a choice. I have a shower, that's it. There's no selection process for me. And for a woman who has taken baths her entire life-let's just say it's been a difficult transition. Growing up, I'd take baths in the morning before getting ready. I'd take them in the evening to relax before going to sleep. And I'd often take them during the day to collect my thoughts. Bubble baths are a nice, calm, serene experience. Hot baths would make me feel better when I was sick, alleviate pain when my muscles were tense and help me relax when I wanted to unwind. Taking baths are a great soothing measure. I think every woman NEEDS a bathtub. I used to complain about having a small tub. And I eventually upgraded to a nice large jetted tub. It was amazing. But now, I'd go back and take that small bathtub in an instant. I'm seriously considering getting a clawfoot bathtub and placing it in an area in my small loft. I can dream.

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The Curtis Family said...

You did find some! OMG! Fun i want to go so bad again! We should go together! When is it coming?? Love you and we need to get together soon, its been such a long time since we have seen eachother!